Cire Trudon


Claude Trudon hones his skill as a grocer and candle-maker when he becomes the owner of a boutique on the rue Saint-Honoré, in the 1st arrondissement of Paris.

The candles were purchased to light homes and parishes. In the early days of Louis the 14th's reign, Claude Trudon creates his candle manufacturing company that would make his family legacy and fortune. 

1714 - Divine Wax

The Trudon company uses beeswax to make its candles. It's motto inscribed on the candles refers to the prized bees: "They work for God and the King."

The wax is carefully harvested from the bee hives before being filtered, washed and exposed to sunlight so the candle is as white as possible. 

1722 - Luxurious Light

The court of Louis the 15th and France's largest parishes, select Trudon candles to illuminate their corridors. Besides their immaculate colour, the candles burn for along time and do not sputter. Already true luxury...

1789 - Revolution 

Trudon supplied Versailles up to the last days of the Ancient Regime and survived the French Revolution. 

1811 - Imperial Candles

When Napolean the 1st was crowned, Trudon supplied the imperial court. 


Cire Trudon has survived electricity and remains to this day the oldest wax-producing company in history. Each part of the candle making process is completed by hand, according to centuries old techniques. The scents are developed and created in collaboration with renowned perfumers, just like the finest French perfumery. 

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