Juliette Has A Gun

Juliette Has A Gun is dedicated to modern women everywhere.
The brainchild of Romano Ricci, Nina Ricci's grandson, Juliette Has A Gun emerged as a truly unique collection of fragrances in 2006, reinventing traditional French perfumery with his ground-breaking formulations. 
The name is, of course, inspired by Shakespeare’s romantic heroine, Juliette. In Romano’s world, however, the contemporary Juliette is less tragic and more provocateur. Instead of a dagger, her “gun” is her fragrance. The "gun" is her armour, a symbol of her fearlessness, complexity and her liberation. 
Powered by the genius of Romano’s vision, fragrance heritage and collaborations with legendary perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, Juliette Has A Gun now boasts 24 fragrances, including the original Not A Perfume and cult rose classic, Lady Vengeance.  
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Juliette Has A Gun - NOT A Perfume Superdose Travel Spray 7.5ml
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