Orris Root

Orris Butter

An extremely precious and sought after raw material in modern perfumery - with a heart stopping price-tag. The reason? Orris is from the rhizomes or bulbs of the iris plant. They are odourless when harvested and require 3 to 4 years to mature before they can be powdered and steam distilled into oil, which then solidifies into a substance known as orris butter (or orris concrete) due to its oily, yellow appearance. 

The entire process requires patience and great technical skill, as only 1 tonne of iris root produces 1 kilo of iris butter. 

Scent Profile: Powdery, fragrant, suede-like and almost tactile. Slightly bitter and starching, and can be similar to violets. 

Found In: Santa Maria Novella, Iris (1901). 

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