The Imogino Story

Family owned and operated since 1997, Imogino has been a local store in Bunbury, Western Australia, a destination for all things beautiful, exceptional and niche in accessories, homewares and gifts. 

Over time, Imogino has evolved to showcase a life-long passion of its owners: fragrance. 

Imogino's concept is to bring the best and most exceptional fragrances, candles and luxury items to the southwest. We select these items on the basis of integrity, heritage and quality. And we bring them to your attention so that they may speak to you, personally. In our humble opinion, a fragrance or any luxury item is only beautiful if it adds meaning to your life. 

At Imogino, we value the ability of beautiful objects, scents and gifts to offer new perspectives on who we are, what we like and the spaces we inhabit. We value items that are made by hand, lovingly created and thoughtfully produced. All these items have the capacity to move us in unexpected ways. 

Beauty and sincerity are at the heart of Imogino, and all that we select and do. From our complimentary fragrance consultations, to our welcoming space and friendly service, we invite you to pause and take a detour from the world of the mass produced and mass-marketed, to immerse yourself in the history, imagination and ingenuity behind the brands we love. 

We are Imogino: where luxury has meaning.