AMLY Purify Fluorite Pot Pourri Set
AMLY Purify Fluorite Pot Pourri Set
AMLY Purify Fluorite Pot Pourri Set
AMLY Purify Fluorite Pot Pourri Set
AMLY Purify Fluorite Pot Pourri Set

Amly - Purify Fluorite Pot Pourri Set

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Sanctuary in a scent...

Be joyful. Be well. Inhale.

A beautiful way to fill your home with health-promoting fragrance. This opulent crystal diffuser gift set will permeate your space with antiviral and immune-boosting essential oils, revitalising body and mind wherever you might be.

All-over wellbeing is amplified through the synergy of the energetic properties of ethically sourced crystals with the healing aromatic botanicals in essential oils.

Sustainable Packaging

The low-impact gift box itself is made from mushrooms and crop waste, such as hemp and hops, and will decompose in the earth that gave life to its components. Click here to read more.


  • Simply add 5-7 drops of the PURIFY Essential Oil Blend on the raw Fluorite crystals and reap the benefits as they work together to diffuse sumptuous, long-lasting and health-giving scent.
  • There is no need for heat, water or electricity, and no liquid is involved, making these elegant diffusers highly adaptable, portable and able to be used just about anywhere.
  • 10ml PURIFY Pure Essential Oil.
  • 180g Fluorite Crystals and organic cotton drawstring bag.
  • Violet-glass bowl: Dimensions: 122mm; Weight: 330g.

Star Material: Fluorite

The fresh green peaks of Fluorite help to protect from negativity and de-clutter the mind, encouraging clarity of thought and concentration – the stepping-stones to new ideas and inspiration. Sit with the glassy sea-green shades of Fluorite and bathe in its calming energy while tensions release and we experience a sense of satisfaction in our endeavours. Gently healing, it is thought to cleanse and purify both mentally and physically, making it the perfect partner with the invigorating shield against environmental pollutants, germs and stressors that the Essential Oil blend of PURIFY promotes.

Star Material: Violet Glass

These olfactory and visual delights are encased in a violet-glass bowl. It is thought that the alchemists of the Middle Ages understood that an absence of light helped to preserve the life force of certain substances, a protective quality that violet glass provides. Today, the finest craftsmanship has provided AMLY with the unique glass that we use for all products. Here, the elegant glass vessel houses precious crystals steeped in essential oils, enhancing and preserving their vital essence and quality. The perfect symbol of unity, the circular lid becomes a separate bowl for a second room or a second oil and crystal combination (we gently advise not mixing oils on the crystals, but rather allocating specific crystals to specific oils).

Fragrance Notes: Purify

The invigorating aroma of Tea Tree melds with sweet-scented Thyme in this stimulating combination of wonder herbs. The crisp green fragrance of Rosemary, deliciously zesty Lemon and the clearing scent of Eucalyptus bring a natural depth and freshness to the blend.