Marseilles Soap Cube

Compagnie de Provence - Marseilles Soap Cube

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Compagnie de Provence

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A fragrance-free formula that's particularly gentle and suitable for delicate skin.

Recommended for delicate laundry care and floor cleaning, this cube of Marseille soap is a natural and authentic product. Cooked in a cauldron, it is crafted in authentic soap making tradition. According to its original formulation, it is made from 72% pure vegetable oils including olive oil, famous for its softening and protective properties.

This natural, authentic product is perfect for washing the hands and body, but is also recommended for washing delicate laundry and floors.


  • Presented raw, shrink-wrapped.
  • Softening olive oil, cleansing and protective palm oil.
  • No animal fats and synthetic substances.
  • Made in Marseille.
  • 400g. 
  • RSPO certified. This label certifies that the company supports the sustainable production of palm oil and works to reduce the harmful effects of production on people and the environment.

How To Use: 

To gently wash textiles (and especially delicate laundry items such as baby clothes, silk, lace, etc.), wet them, wash with the soap, working up a lather, then rinse carefully with clean water. You can leave your laundry to soak and should always rinse with cold water. To remove stubborn stains (grease, dirty shirt collars, etc.), rub them with the cube and machine-wash shortly after. To clean floors or make tiles shine, go over them with the Marseille soap then rinse thoroughly. Avoid contact with the eyes.