The School of Life Eastern Philosophy Cards.
The School of Life Eastern Philosophy Cards
The School of Life Eastern Philosophy Cards

The School of Life - Eastern Philosophy Cards

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The School of Life

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How to become wiser, less agitated, more thoughtful & readier to appreciate our lives as they are. 

Eastern philosophy has taught its lessons via tea-drinking ceremonies, walks in bamboo forests, contemplations of rivers and ritualised flower arranging sessions. These cards take us on a journey around the key concepts of the great Eastern thinkers – Confucius, Lao Tzu and the Buddha – as well as the art and practices of many of their followers. We are invited to sample the distinctive wisdom of a continent and enrich our notions of what philosophy might really be.

Example Content:

  • The Vinegar-Tasters: 'A favourite subject for Asian Artists for many centuries was a depiction of the three founding figures of Eastern philosophy - Confucius, Buddha and Lao Tzu - standing together and each reacting in a characteristic way to the taste of vinegar. [...] Three attitudes to the world in one image. We're not being asked to choose, simply selectively to experience the distinctive wisdom of each position.'


  • 20 cards in a gift box
  • 159mm x 115mm x 20mm.