Essential Parfums - Patchouli Mania 100ml Eau de ParfumFragranceImogino
Essential Parfums - Patchouli Mania 100ml Eau de ParfumFragranceImogino

Essential Parfums - Patchouli Mania 100ml Eau de Parfum

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Essential Parfums

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"I imagined a sensual patchouli that is at once addictive, deep and mysterious. The composition finds a balance between the richness of patchouli and the powdery sweetness of cocoa." 

- Fabrice Pellegrin, Perfumer. 

Inspired by the deep and sensual notes of patchouli, Fabrice Pellegrin has composed a fragrance with sensual and mysterious lines. At the top, the fresh and aromatic delicacy of davana and green hazelnuts blends with the spicy woody notes of coriander seeds. The warm and delicious heart offers an addictive dose of cocoa, balanced with the deep and woody notes of Clearwood® and tea. Finally, the woody, warm and earthy base reveals a mysterious patchouli in harmony with the sensuality and roundness of vetiver and cetalox®. A background with a deep and captivating allure.

Fragrance Notes: Green hazelnut, davana, coriander seeds, cocoa, Clearwood®, tea, patchouli, vetiver and cetalox®.


  • Eau de Parfum concentrated at 17%
  • 100ml
  • Natural, traditional, artisanal manufacturing
  • Alcohol made from beetroot
  • Free from artificial colouring
  • 92% natural
  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan
  • Made in France

Essential Parfums - Sustainability is Essential

Sustainability is Essential Essential Parfums are always thoughtful about the environmental impact of their perfumes, and therefore prioritise sustainability in everything they do, from start to finish.

Raw Materials Essential Parfums perfumers focus on natural and sustainable raw materials that not only create powerful fragrances, but also respect both local producers’ communities and the environment. They use alcohol made of beetroot and do not add any coloring. The color of your fragrance may vary depending on the harvest. Essential Parfum fragrances are from 86% to 93% natural.

The Glass Essential Parfum's glass supplier pursues a sustainable development policy by opting for solutions that minimise the environmental impact of the production processes, and replacing gas emissions with electric furnaces.

The Packaging Essential Parfums paper packaging is FSC-certified, promoting the practice of environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and economically viable forestry worldwide. It is fully recycled. They do not use any plastic on the outer packaging, in order to preserve our planet.