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Nordic Rooms - Winking EmojiHomewaresImogino

Nordic Rooms - Winking Emoji

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Nordic Rooms

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Emojis for interior design..

Every day we spread love and cheer with emojis – now they can be a permanent greeting with the recipient.

The Spring Emotions® Winking emoji ornament turns up the charm. He’s always fun to look at and makes a wonderful token of support for a friend who needs cheering up.


  • Spring Emotions® Kiss is designed by mencke&vagnby and made of FSC®-certified oak.
  • A ball with a flat bottom and a piece of decoration with a personal message.

  • Collaboration with the Danish NGO Plant a Tree. This means that a part of their profit is donated to the purpose of planting trees in Denmark.

  • This product is manufactured in FSC®-certified oak.

  • H 0.075m x W 0.075m x L 0.075m.